BETTER, HOTTER, FASTER - because the Restaurant Kitchen comes to you!

We bake and cook during the trip on the way to you with new technologies!
​Always crispy Pizza and other hot dishes! Delivered in 29 minutes or less.
Here is the Revolution of the Restaurant Home Delivery Service!

Here are the advantages of our system:

In Germany and nearly all over the world, the restaurant home delivery sector is a booming market. For example, in Germany nearly every second person uses a delivery service regularly. 25 % of the German population have their meals delivered to their homes at least once a week, with every 10th citizen taking advantage of a home delivery option for restaurant meals at least three times a week. And the market is still growing with increasing rates of 20 % anually. However, there is a lot of criticism from the clients: One of the most common complaints is that customers had to wait much too long for their meals to arrive. In consequence, the food is often delivered cold which adds to customers’ disappointment. And Pizza is everything else than crispy. Reading through all the bad ratings, I started looking for a completely new food production and home delivery strategy. I had to find a solution to be able to promise the customers a home delivery of food that is not only fast, but also results in sizzling hot food. The hot food will come straight out of the oven in front of the client’s house. Nobody else in Germany or even Europe has provided such a unique service in the past. On the way to my “Sizzling-Hot-Delivery food truck”- concept I had to solve many problems, such as:

  1. How to finish meals on time inside of the food truck with just one person on board who is the driver and has no cooking experience?
  2. What dishes can be prepared perfectly with this concept?
  3. What type of oven can be used? Which oven provides the best results?
  4. What type of batteries will produce enough energy?
  5. What type of energy do I use to run a professional restaurant oven in a food truck?
  6. What type of refrigerator uses little electrical energy?
  7. And what about all the additional small puzzle pieces like pipes, water pumps etc. ?
  8. Is it possible to get the permission to produce food during the trip on the way to the clients? Every food truck producer denied a permission at the beginning.

Now we have solved all the above problems and the first truck is ready to go.  

Why will this concept be successful?

  1. We work in the financially most attractive parts of the top cities of Germany and other developed countries without paying high rents because we don't need a restaurant.
  2. We even have a few unique selling positions: First, we are the only food delivery business which can offer a “sizzling hot or money-back guarantee”.
  3. We are focusing exclusively on the most financially attractive suburbs of the respective city or town.
  4. We are a lot faster than any other delivery service because for us there is no need to drive back to a restaurant like our competitors do. We just drive from client to client, saving vast amounts of time.
  5. The food truck’s leasing rate (949 €/month) is much cheaper than the monthly rent for a real restaurant.
  6. In most cases our target customers have a better education and a significantly higher income than the average fast food lovers. This means that we will be able to ask for higher prices even though our production costs are significantly below average.
  7. And best of all: We will earn money from day one with every truck in every town – the revenues will be much higher than our expenses for the driver, the food, the petrol, the insurance, the leasing rate, etc.
  8. Let‘ s start this unique and successful business together.